The major purpose of mcMMO is to add an RPG-style skill system that players may use right away. Players will accrue experience according on how frequently they use particular tools or take particular actions, which will eventually provide perks like double drops, unusual drops, or ability upgrading.

mcMMO Parties

Certain party levels may be predetermined to unlock (they level up over time and when gaining xp). Parties provide you the opportunity to assemble a group of people with whom you may chat privately. The games that your group plays can only be chosen by the party leader.

Commands for Parties:



View information your current party.

/party join <player> <name> [password]

Joins the party of that player, password if specified.

/party quit

Leaves the current party.


Toggles party chat.

/party invite <player name>

Invites the named player to the current party.

/ptp <party member name>

Teleports the player to the designated party member.

/party <lock;unlock>

Locks or unlocks the party you are in.

/party password <password>

Sets a password to your party ( only work if party is locked ).

/party create <party name> [password]

Creates a party with a name, password is optional.

/party <kick> [player name]

Kicks said player from your party.

/party disband

Disbands the party.

/party help

It shows the party commands.

Active Abilities

Each skill-specific bonus is provided by an ability, but in exchange, the linked items suffer a severe durability loss. Use these abilities wisely because they have a long cooldown after each use and may not be available when you need them.

Passive Abilities

A double drop chance is an example of a passive ability. Passive abilities are things that occur without the player having to activate them.

mcMMO Commands

There are only a couple mcMMO commands that you may want to use.

  • /mcmmo

  • /mctop

If you want to be more specific when searching different mcMMO category powers you can use these commands

  • /mcmmo:mining

  • /mcmmo:woodcutting

  • /mcmmo:herbalism

  • /mcmmo:excavation

  • /mcmmo:fishing

  • /mcmmo:unarmed

  • /mcmmo:archery

  • /mcmmo:swords

  • /mcmmo:axes

  • /mcmmo:taming

  • /mcmmo:repair

  • /mcmmo:acrobatics

  • /mcmmo:salvage

  • /mcmmo:smelting

  • /mcmmo:alchemy


Below are all the different skills categories.


  • Mining: The skill of mining is centered on extracting ore and stone. The larger potential yield from each ore, which is further improved when utilizing an active skill, is a noteworthy benefit of this skill. By enabling remote detonation, mining gives TNT new capabilities. Smelting's parent skill is mining.

  • Woodcutting: Cutting down trees with an axe is the foundation of the woodcutting technique. Increased odds of additional wood falling from trees and longer duration of the tree feller ability are two benefits of skill levelling.

  • Herbalism: In mcMMO, the ability to harvest plants and crops—apart from trees and other more structural plant occurrences—is controlled by the herbalism skill. To utilize its capabilities to their fullest, it needs a variety of tools.

  • Excavation: In mcMMO, the ability to excavate entails using a shovel to dig up anything listed on the soil map, including unusual substances like Soul Sand. High-level excavators are capable of readily producing diamonds from dirt. (Like most mcMMO abilities, it won't function if mcMMO drops are funneled into the player's inventory like with some plugins; instead, they must be able to spawn on the blocks.)

  • Fishing: Fishing can produce valuable loot and enhances the likelihood of locating catches. Additionally, it features the Shake ability, which allows you to gather drops from creatures without having to kill them.


  • Unarmed: Combat skill called "unarmed" makes use of the player's bare hand as a weapon. Numerous benefits are included, including disarming, arrow deflection, greater unarmed attack base, and more.

  • Archery: The goal of the archery skill is to harm players and monsters by utilizing a bow and arrows.

  • Swords: You have the option to apply Rupture effects to your attacks in the Swords mcMMO and block opponent hits.

  • Axes: The axe tool can be used as a weapon to combat other players and mobs when utilising the axe skill. It introduces a new type of weapon that can be used in a variety of scenarios, increasing gameplay variety. Axes can be particularly helpful in PvP because they deal critical hits and can swiftly penetrate armour. Depending on the level of your axes, you may be able to break armour fairly quickly. When battling 1v2, axes can be highly helpful because of their active ability, which lets you deal AoE damage.

  • Taming: In mcMMO, taming is a skill. Your wolves will acquire skills that raise damage, defence, and other stats as you level up. While an intriguing feature, the AI of wolves makes it occasionally challenging to be helpful because they can only concentrate on one enemy at a time. All you would require to enter a pvp area and watch your wolves massacre everyone is a skeleton spawner and a spider spawner. Ocelots won't contribute much to your taming abilities, so keep that in mind.


  • Repair: Smelting and Salvage, which are now linked with Mining and Fishing, respectively, are descendants of the parent skill Repair. On Blocks of Iron, it can be used to fix tools and armour.

  • Acrobatics: Graceful Roll and battle damage negation are both possible with the acrobatics talent and the passive ability "Dodge."

  • Salvage: Recovering the raw materials from armour and tools is known as salvage. It is determined by averaging the levels of Repair and Fishing, two skills that it is a child of. Salvaging is accessible after reaching Repair level 25. Only undamaged goods can be retrieved at lower levels. Damaged objects can be salvaged thanks to Advanced Salvage, which by default unlocks at level 350. Right-click a gold block while holding a salvageable object to salvage it. The salvage anvil will erupt with raw materials. The maximum amount of materials you can retrieve increases by 1 every 50 levels. Any item can only be recovered for its valuable parts. Tools and weapon handles cannot be retrieved.

  • Smelting: A subset of mining and repair is smelting. The average of the parent skill levels is the effective Smelting level. The first child skill was smelting.

  • Alchemy: A diverse talent centred on making potions is alchemy. Through the brewing stand's manufacturing and alteration of potions, it is levelled. Custom recipes are also provided for several effects that are often unavailable through vanilla potions.

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