🎙️Voice Chat


  • Minecraft Forge / Minecraft Fabric

  • Voice Chat Mod


  1. Download Minecraft Forge MC - 1.19.2

  1. Run the downloaded installer.

  1. Download Voice Chat Mod

  1. Click Windows Start icon or press Windows Key + R and type in %appdata% then press ENTER key.

  1. Open .minecraft folder -> mods and place the Voice Chat Mod in the mods folder.

  1. Run Minecraft Launcher using Forge and join the server!

  1. You can now talk with other players who has installed the mod!

Key Bindings

NameDefault KeyDescription

Voice Chat GUI


Opens the voice chat GUI.

Group Chats


Opens the group chat GUI.

Push To Talk


The push to talk key (Only when using activation type PTT).

Mute Microphone


The mute button (Only when using voice activation type Voice).

Disable Voice Chat


This button disables the voice chat. Other people can't hear you and you can't hear them.

Hide Voice Chat Icons


This button hides all icons related to the voice chat.

Toggle Recording

Not bound by default

Toggles voice chat audio recording.


Not bound by default

Hold down to whisper.

You can change every key binding in the Minecraft key binding settings.



You are talking

You are whispering

Player is talking

Player is whispering

Microphone muted

Voice chat disabled

Voice chat not connected Voice chat not installed

You can open the voice chat GUI by pressing the V key. This allows you to open the settings, group chats, mute yourself, disable the voice chat, start/stop a recording and hide all icons.

Group Chats

Group chats allow you to talk to players that are not in your vicinity. To open the group chat interface, either press the group button in the voice chat GUI or just press the G key.

To create a new group, just type a name in the text field and press the button next to it.

Creating or joining a group will bring you into the group chat interface. You will also see the heads of the group members in the top left corner of your screen. Talking players will be outlined. You can disable these icons by pressing the third button from the left.

Players that are not in a group will see a group icon next to your head, indicating that they can't talk to you.

You can invite players to your group chat by entering the command /voicechat invite <playername>.

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